Roccat Power Grid Keyboard Harnesses Your Windows Phone for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

It’s rare that we get to report on peripherals that are compatible with Windows Phones and this one totally slipped by us at CES 2012, but it looks amazing nevertheless. Any avid gamer interested in a new way to play games should definitely keep an eye on this one.

The Roccat Phobo keyboard is currently designed for iPhones, but it’s interesting to note that the website advertises Android and Windows Phone support. Since Roccat is a German company, it’s not hard to imagine that the peripheral maker is interested in supporting Windows Phone as the operating system is very strong there.

So how does it work? Once you have the Phobo keyboard, you download an app onto your phone that interfaces directly with the keyboard once it’s plugged in. It can display vital statistics about your hardware, allow you to communicate via Facebook and Skype, and it can even serve as an additional macro pad for executing commands in game. It’s very¬†reminiscent¬†of the massively over-priced Razer Blade laptop that will be released some time this year.

While the current Phobo keyboard is designed for use with the iPhone, a keyboard without the built-in dock is planned that will allow Android and Windows Phones to sit in a separate cradle attached to the keyboard. It seems as though this will take up more real estate, but the fact that Roccat is supporting so many devices is a big plus.

Of course, the age old question of “What happens when you get a phone call?” is an important one and Roccat has you covered. Should you receive a phone call while your phone is functioning as a macro pad, the call will be routed directly to your wireless headset so you can take the call and continue gaming unfettered.

The whole concept is really neat and we’ll be keeping an eye on it as Roccat develops the current beta Phobo and adds support for both Android and Windows Phones. No pricing information has been made available yet, but Roccat tends to offer pretty affordable peripherals.

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