Do You Want a Phone with a Bigger Screen?

What is the perfect screen size for you? Is the massive screen of the Titan too big? Not according to a recent survey conducted by Strategic Analytics. The study showed that 90% of existing smartphone users who were polled preferred phones over the 4.0″ mark, with many liking phones closer to 4.5″ and above.

It’s interesting that many smartphone users feel this way, as the iPhone still retains its 3.5″ screen form factor that it’s had since launch in 2007. Kevin Nolan, Vice President at Strategy Analytics had this to say about such massive devices:

“In order for smartphone owners to adopt larger devices, it is important for handset manufacturers to ensure that mobile devices are not too heavy and that the devices remain thin enough for purses and pockets.”

So how do you feel about device sizes? Have you used a smartphone that felt perfect in your hand? If so, what was the form factor and will your next smartphone purchase be smaller or larger?

[via BGR]



  • My current screen is 4 inches and I’d like it just a touch bigger. I think 5 is pushing it, but somewhere in the 4.2 and 4.5 region would be perfect. Small enough for pockets but big enough for fingers and “HD” apps to not feel stupid.