[How To] Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into a Windows Phone Shrine

We know a lot of you love to show your Windows Phone support, and we may have just the thing for you. The addition of the cover photo on user profiles has given people more room for creativity. There have been some very clever uses of the cover photo, but maybe none as creative as this Windows Phone inspired design by Chris Finlay.

Finlay has created a template for easily turning your Facebook Timeline into a WIndows Phone shrine. Just download this file (opens with Photoshop, GIMP, etc.) and follow the steps below. Check out our Facebook page to see it in action.

  1. Open the file in your image editor of choice.
  2. Edit the network placeholder text and add your own image for the “Pictures” tile, using the red rectangle as a guide for dimensions.
  3. Change / personalise other aspects of the template as you see fit.
  4. Hide the “Guides” group to remove Facebook template and disable the guide lines (View > Show > Guides).
  5. Select “cover” from the Load Selection dialogue (Select > Load Selection).
  6. “Copy Merged” (Edit > Copy Merged) and then paste into a new document.
  7. Save and upload to Facebook.

FYI: We edited our cover image to say “WE” in the first circle, yours will say “I”.

[via WPCentral, Chris Finlay]

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