Microsoft Jabs at Internet Explorer, Reminds Us It’s For More than Installing Other Browsers

Let’s be honest, does anyone really know why Internet Explore is so bad anymore? Last I checked it wasn’t really as bad as I remember. That’s probably because while the world has been hating on IE they have been hard at work making it better. Microsoft has created a funny commercial that pokes fun at itself a little but, but also reminds us that IE 9 is actually pretty good. The commercial stars a young man who is recieveing counseling for his compulsive desire to uninstall IE from computers. It’s really well done, and actually made me open IE for the first time in months.

Check out for even more good stuff about IE 9.

[via The Verge]

  • I don’t completely hate IE9 like I did 6, 7, or 8… but it needs to do more than just be “not a piece of shit” to convince me to use it.

    I have Chrome sync across devices so I always have my history and bookmarks. I have apps that I want/need to be built in. I don’t just use Chrome bc its a good browser but because of what is built ontop of it.

    If IE10 can catch up with that, then I’d give it a real chance. If not, it can collect figurative dust on my hdd as usual.

  • I’m with you. I don’t think I could live without Chrome Sync.