New Major Update for SkyWallet, the Password Manager Behind SkyDrive

Sky Wallet is a premium password manager that can store your passwords along with other data in strong encryption. The app is a companion to SkyDrive, allowing you to make changes on your phone that are then synced directly to your computer for the next time you are ready to work.

This update puts Sky Wallet on its third revision, which has a new job that lets you see all of your recent files. Automatic synchronization and restyled icons are also included in the update. For anyone looking for a secure way to manage their passwords, Sky Wallet is a popular choice.

If you’re interested in trying it out, there is a trial version of the app that allows you to test features for a limited number of times. If you’d like to purchase the app, it’s available in the Marketplace for $3.99, with the desktop companion app being free.

[via WMPU]



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