WPRemote Allows YouTube Video Playback to Roku Boxes

WPRemote began life as ROKUbox before Roku requested a name change in order to keep third party apps separate from official offerings, despite the fact that Roku does not have an official app for Windows Phone. Nevertheless, along with the name change have come a host of new features for Roku users, including the ability to play YouTube videos.

This feature is something Roku has been adamant about not having in their boxes by default, despite trying to consider themselves a serious digital media company. Localyf have created the custom channel that allows for YouTube videos, which can then be controlled using WPRemote. You’ll need to perform a painless basic set up in order to get the channel and once it’s set up you can pin a live tile for YouTube searches.

Overall, for not being an official app, WPRemote is pretty handy. Roku should stand up and take notice if they plan on having a Windows Phone app. WPRemote costs $1.99 in the Marketplace and is available here.

[via WPCentral]



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