NewsSpot 2.4 Update Released

NewsSpot is a popular Google Reader app for Windows Phone that features image caching, article search, and an advanced sync-engine. The new update includes several new features, including a brand new user interface.

  • Instant sync: changes to read and starred state of the articles are now uploaded instantly, so hitting the sync button is only needed for downloading new articles.
  • Readability™ mobilizer: Readability has a great service that prepares web pages for mobilized view. They provided us access to their API, so you can view full articles directly in NewsSpot, adapted to the your current theme.
  • Swipe between articles
  • Quick actions to toggle read and starred state in the article list
  • Bug fixes and many other changes.
If you’re interested in giving NewsSpot a try, there is a free ad-supported version that offers all of the same features as the paid version with the exception of allowing only 200 unread articles and 50 starred articles at a time. The full version is available for $1.99 and allows for up to 1000 unread or starred articles.


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