Rumor: Sprint Developing LTE Windows Phone with Nokia

It’s not every day we get to report on a device not headed to AT&T, but we sure love when it happens. A rumor out of SprintFeed hits some key words you might be interested in, most notably “Sprint,” “LTE,” “Nokia,” and “Windows Phone.” Sources familiar with the matter claim Sprint has plans to develop a LTE Windows Phone for a fall release. The device will feature Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon, and Nokia is being thrown around as a possible OEM. The bad news is since this device is targeting Windows Phone 8 it won’t be ready until Fall at the earliest. It appears that Apollo will bring more than just new features, but also some new carrier support. We can hardly wait!

[via SprintFeed]

  • I would be into that, especially since Sprint has seemed very hesitant about putting another WP device on their network.

  • Agent_Blade

    Cant wait!

  • David Totten

    I’ll be upgrading to it as soon as I can!