Unofficial GrooveShark App Headed to Windows Phone Soon

Grooveshark is a popular music streaming service that differs from Pandora and IHeartRadio in that instead of experimenting with music, you choose the artists and songs you want to listen to directly. It’s a service I’ve used in the past on my desktop as it makes accessing music easy enough and it has a great interface.

Grooveshark Mobile for iOS and Android has existed for some time, but the team has officially stated that they have no plans to bring a mobile app to the Windows Phone environment. Thankfully that changes today with the release of GroovyShark, a third party app designed to allow access to Grooveshark from our Windows Phone devices. The project is headed up by the developer of MetroRadio, an unofficial client for Pandora, so Groovyshark will definitely be an app to keep your eye on.

It’s not quite out yet as it’s currently in the alpha stages, but as soon as it’s available publically, we’ll keep you posted.

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