Windows Phone May Not Get Angry Birds Space on March 22nd

Sad news for those who were expecting to get to launch birds into space in March 22nd when Angry Birds Space launches for iOS and Android. According to an email from Rovio to DailyMobile, they do not have the resources to deliver the game to all platforms at once. It seems as though the company is choosing to focus instead on Android and iOS, while the Windows Phone version of the game may come at a later date.

Rovio hasn’t shared any other features surrounding the new game, but considering the game previewed as a major feature at SXSW on the Samsung Galaxy Note, it’s not surprising to see that it will retain a period of exclusivity before making the jump to Windows Phone. Of course, Windows Phone users are no strangers to waiting for the things they want most.

  • Homer423

    Although Angry Birds is an overhyped game that completely sucks in my opinion, I’m glad that I’m an Android user.

  • Oh dear god no. What will WP users do until then? Play all the old Angry Bird levels they got too frustrated to finish?! UNACCEPTABLE.