Developer Interest in Windows Phone has Increased, According to Study

A new survey conducted by research firm IDC and mobile development platform Appcelerator have found that of 2,173 Appcelerator developers around the globe, 37% of them are interested in developing for the Windows Phone platform. While the number may seem low, it’s a great starting point for Microsoft as the company has yet to launch Windows Phone heavily here in the United States.

Of course, Windows Phone development still trails heavily behind iOS, but Android interest actually dropped around 5% thanks to heavy fragmentation. Interest in RIM’s BlackBerry platform isĀ hemorrhagingĀ as well, which leaves a wide open space for business users who may be more comfortable switching to the Windows Phone platform rather than iOS or Android.

With Microsoft retaining developer interest, it simply needs to step up its game and get Windows Phones into the eyes of the public so that more developers will feel compelled to create applications for the platform.

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