Nokia Hong Kong Claims Lumia 800 has Hidden NFC Hardware

In a world where NFC technology is beginning to gain a pertinent foothold, Nokia has taken a lashing for not including it on its Lumia 800 handset. However, Nokia Hong Kong says that the phones contain hidden NFC hardware for activation much later. According to the company’s Weibo page:

Know the truth of the reply @ Bump Man: 800 is currently unknown aid the NFC, butto achieve this functionality through future software updates. / / @ Unknown
The truth of the bump Man: 800 is not without NFC hardware? / / @ Nokia: Reply @four times shameless struggle _ Huang Yifeng
: Through a future software update will be able to achieve an NFC-enabled. Please wait We further announcement.

It’s rather unlikely that NFC will be added to the phones through a magical future software update since the FTC has already torn the phones down and no such capabilities were discovered. However, the Lumia 610 is rumored to be shipping with such technology, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.

[via WMPU]


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