Nokia Working on “Revolutionary” New Smartphone

It looks as though Nokia is planning on attacking the big boys soon, as design boss Marko Ahtisaari told a Finnish newspaper that the company is now developing a new smartphone that will make current handsets seem very dated.

In particular, Ahtisaari calls out the iPhone, saying it is “poorly designed.” He likes the experience to a home, saying “The road from the kitchen into the dining room is always through the front door.” When asked about other operating systems like Android, Ahtisaari called them “dollhouses”, in that users can pick and choose what the operating system features.

It’s interesting to note that the current iteration of Windows Phone is like a hybrid between the closed environment Apple offers and the features that Android offers, so the fact that Ahtisaari feels that the new smartphone Nokia is working on will revolutionize the business is very interesting indeed.

[via BGR]


  • I think he went to the Molyneux school of public relations and fan hyping.