Nokia’s Design Sense Isn’t So Sensible

One of the lesser known stipulations of the Microsoft and Nokia partnership is that unlike most other app vendors, Nokia has the power to change anything about the MetroUI, should it wish to do so. Thankfully according to the mockups above, Nokia has decided to leave everything the way Microsoft intended, for now.

PocketNow managed to get their hands on the images above, apparently created by a designer from Nokia, though Nokia assumes no direct responsibility for the designs itself. Form and function are clearly tossed aside here, as the apps seem to be a messy jumble of things that are vaguely relevant to one another.

While the above mockups are pretty terrible, it’s nice to know that Microsoft has given Nokia the freedom to create the apps it needs to go with its own technology embedded into the Windows Phone environment, such as Nokia Drive and hopefully the Pure View camera technology that was recently shown at Mobile World Congress.

[via PocketNow]

  • I hate everything about those mockups. Literally. Everything.