Windows 8 Tablets Will Arrive in October

The Consumer Preview for Microsoft’s latest operating system is finally at hand, but new rumors are suggesting that the platform’s public release date could be as early as October. We told you earlier this week that Lenovo is planning on being the first out of the gate with a new Windows 8 tablet, but it appears the company will have some stiff competition.

Both Intel and ARM-based devices will be available alongside one another, so various configurations and price points will likely put the Windows 8 tablet spread just as far apart as the current Android spread. Microsoft is expected to announce the official release date for Windows 8 to industry partners in early April.

[via BGR]

  • I’ve been waiting for a Nexus tablet for Android, but if Windows8 is really so touch focused, I may jump on a WinTab this fall instead. I can make it to October. Let’s do this.