Big App on Campus Winners Announced

Microsoft announced a contest a few months ago called Big App on Campus that would challenge college students to create apps for Windows Phone. The prize was a whopping $15,000 for best apps. There were plenty of entries, with so many available that Microsoft had trouble choosing just a handful. Even still, here are the top four winners. Some of them are names you might recognize.

Power Planner | Grand Prize

Andrew Bares of the University of Arizona won a Grand Prize for creating what he calls the “ultimate homework planner,” an app that helps students stay on track with their classes. Windows Phone owners agree: The app has 163 reviews and a 5-star average.

Ninja Fruit | Grand Prize

Jeremiah Isaacson of the University of University of Wisconsin earned a $15,000 Grand Prize for the game Ninja Fruit. You play Green Lime, a citrus warrior seeking revenge on the millions of human ninjas who have been slicing and dicing your fellow fruit on a daily basis.

ScanBizCards | People’s Choice

Chevon Christie of CUNY/Hunter College won a well-deserved People’s Choice award for his very handy business card app, which uses the phone camera to scan the info on a card and adds it to your contacts.

Baconit | People’s Choice

Quinn Damerell of Purdue University also won a People’s Choice award for his well designed Reddit app, which has nearly 1000 ratings and a 5-star average.

[via Windows Phone Blog]

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