Audible for Windows Phone Gets the Hands-On Treatment

Folks have been waiting a long time for Audible to come to Windows Phone. If you’re not familiar with the service it’s basically Kindle for audio books, in fact Audible is even owned by Amazon. The app has been in a closed beta, and the gang over at WPCentral put together a nice little hands-on.

The app itself has a very nice design. It borrows a lot of the metro styling, and keeps things dark like most metro apps. That alone is something we are very glad to see. Too many companies simply port over apps without taking the time to metrofy them. As far as features go it does everything you would expect.

  • Primary Live Tile that flips with recent history on the back
  • Secondary Live Tiles based on book title; enables 1-touch playing of audio; flips to show bookmark history
  • Configurable “jump back” feature to re-hear a section (default is 30 seconds)
  • Button-less playback which uses gestures instead of buttons to control the audio
  • Badges and statistics viewer
  • Sharing of book info and general news via the Windows Phone built in social networks

The only real downside to Audible is how expensive the books are, but somebody was paid to read that book for you, right? We’re still not sure when the app will be officially available to all, but we expect it soon by the looks of this app.

Thanks WPCentral!

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