Microsoft Increases Smoked by Windows Phone Prizes to $1,000

Smoked by Windows Phone has really taken off since CES 2012 and Microsoft is embracing it with both arms. So far the challenge has been to receive $100 in cash for beating Ben the PC Guy, but Microsoft is ready to up the ante. By how much? How about a cool $1,000? Of course, the prize isn’t in pure cash.

The new challenge is taking place in Microsoft Stores, where if you should beat the challenge, you’ll walk away with a special edition Hunger games PC in celebration of the upcoming release of the new film. If you lose, you can option to swap your phone for a Windows Phone, so no matter if you lose, you’re still eligible to get a new phone.

[via: Microsoft Store]

  • They must really love this campaign to bump up the cash prize so much. Very cool.