Nokia Pays $25 million to make the Lumia 900 the Official Company Phone

Late last year we reported that Microsoft was willing to pay a commission to AT&T sales staff who push Windows Phones, but it looks like Nokia is taking that one step forward by giving AT&T employees free Nokia Lumia 900s in order to get staff familiar with the device.

The $25 million payment to AT&T has netted Nokia the position of Company Phone provider, which means all salespersons are eligible to receive the Lumia 900 at no cost, as long as they return their company Android and iPhone devices.

Nokia says it expects upwards of 80% of AT&T’s sales staff to take the deal, which should help familiarize more people with the ins and outs of Windows Phone. this obviously tackles the problem of sales people not pushing the device because they are not familiar with it, which is a critical step of gaining marketshare for Windows Phone.

[via WMPU]



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