AT&T Accused of Deleting Support Messages from its Windows Phone Support Forum

Earlier today we reported that AT&T won’t be pushing out the 8107 update to its users, but it seems as if the mods on the AT&T forums are trying to stifle these questions and concerns by deleting posts related to the update.

These forums are where AT&T originally announced that it would not offer the 8107 update, where many people were understandably upset, since the update fixes a keyboard issue experienced while sending SMS messages. Now the community managers are swifty deleting posts and complaints that deal with the issue. One such post details these happenings:

“Don’t know if anyone else has caught on to this….. after several instances lately of thinking I had forgotten to delete emails alerting me that someone had replied here after reading them, I just looked again and it hasn’t been that. Messages are being deleted. There were 14 new post alerts in my email between 6pm & midnight. I checked the times and names of the people posting, 12 of them were deleted. I really hope it was done by those posting and not done by AT&T to downplay how many of us are upset and voicing it here. Sadly, I would not be surprised if that were the case.”

AT&T’s reputation has been terrible for a while now, but this highlights exactly why users are displeased with the company, as stunts like this have become the rule rather than the exception.