Leaked Slides Show Inside Look at Microsoft’s 3rd Party App Strategy

Windows Phone¬†receives¬†a lot of praise from people in the tech industry, but the thing keeping a lot of them from actually using Windows Phone is app selection. This problem is not exclusive to just people in tech. A lot of regular people have become attached to certain apps, and if they can’t get those apps on Windows Phone they aren’t going to switch. Thanks to some leaked internal slides we can safely say that Microsoft is aware of these app shortcomings.

Microsoft mentions apps like Pandora, Bump, Instagram, and Skype as being absent from Windows Phone. Microsoft plans to close the gap in the top 25 apps by the second half of 2012. The slides also outline plans to promote competitors of popular app developers that won’t develop for Windows Phone. For example, they could promote 8tracks to combat the lack of a Pandora app. The slides also mention highlighting the built-in aspects of the OS compared to the “bolt-on” approach of other OS’. Check out the slides above for the full strategy.

[via WMPU]

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