Want DrawSomething on Your Windows Phone? There’s a Petition For That…

DrawSomething is a new Pictionary-clone that has been taking the mobile world by storm, so long as you’re an Android or an iOS user. A petition popped up on OMGPOP’s GetSatisfaction page that asks the company to consider developing an app for Windows Phone 7 and currently the suggestion has more than 2,000 likes.

Joseph Alminawi, OMGPOP’s community manager has responded to the petition by saying that the platform is under development and that a higher demonstration of demand would likely garner more attention. That means if you’re interested in seeing the game on Windows Phone anytime soon, you should head over here and hit that like button to let the company know.

[via WMPU]

  • Apparently they’re being eaten up by Zynga soon anyway, so who knows what evil happenings will happen once that happens.

  • Huziigurl

    Yes please I want this game…..