Smoked by Windows Phone Loser Plans to Auction Off Winnings

If you’ve been following our Smoked by Windows Phone coverage over the past few days, you know the ad campaign has turned sour when a Microsoft Store refused to honor a legitimate win by a Galaxy Nexus user. When Ben the PC Guy caught wind of this slight, he tried to make things right with the loser by offering him the special edition PC along with a Lumia 800 bundle.

In a final blow to the failure of the ad campaign, Katta plans on auctioning off the goods he “won” from the deal. Katta wrote on his blog detailing his plans for the winnings, which include auctioning them on eBay and then donating 100% of the winnings to a charity of Reddit’s choice, since the community was integral in helping him get his issue noticed.

“I dropped by this evening and after spending a few minutes chatting with two rather extremely friendly store managers, I walked out with a $1,049 Hunger Games Special Edition HP Folio 13 and a $899 Nokia Lumia 800 Bundle.”

It’s nice that the issue was rectified for Katta, but he mentions on his blog that he recently bought a new HP laptop and that he’s happy with his current smartphone, so it seems likely that even if the win had been handed to him in the first place, the goods would have ended up on eBay with less noble intentions behind them. Ah well.

[via BGR]

  • And this, right here, is what’s wrong with the Smoked campaign; people are comfortable with what they already have and will resist change. Even handing them a new phone will often meet with these kind of results, minus the altruistic intent.