AT&T Still Planning for OS Updates Past 8107, But Not Anytime Soon

Earlier in the week, we reported that AT&T is passing on the 8107 update, that would see the disappearing keyboard bug fixed for its Windows Phone customers. Many of you were understandably outraged, especially when it was reported that AT&T was deleting customer threads on the issue raised on their official forums.

Now it seems as though AT&T is trying to correct the matter by issuing a statement saying that they haven’t left their first-gen Windows Phone users in the dust. Stacey Harth, a spokesperson for AT&T released this statement:

AT&T plans for a Windows Phone update that will contain the improvements in the 8107 update and more.

Of course, that’s a pretty blanket statement. It’s likely that AT&T will wait until the official Tango update is ready to deploy these fixes to customers, which could be as far as a few months away. It’s a shame, but there you have it, people. AT&T will attend to your needs when it feels good and ready and not a moment sooner, regardless of what Microsoft wants.

[via WPCentral]

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