Bing Users Soon to be Able to Reap Free Skype Credits

Bing has a long history of offering rewards to users in an attempt to lure them away from Google. Originally the service offered discounts on making purchases on items you searched for using Bing, but now it looks like Microsoft is turning to giving in house rewards for using Bing Rewards. The official Bing blog announced today that members will be able to receive Skype credits through the service.

Skype credits are the virtual currency that is used to make international calls, text, or call landline phones using Skype. Searching for items on Bing or discovering new Bing features are currently the only listed ways to get Skype credits and no information is given as to how many credits, or how often people will be able to receive them.

It makes sense for Microsoft to being tighter integration of their products, as Microsoft purchased Skype and has yet to do anything to bring the brand under its control in the consumers eyes.


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