Nokia Lumia 710 Selling Well in Canada

A few people have wondered how it’s possible that the Nokia Lumia 710 could advance to the Final Four in Laptop Mag’s Smartphone Madness. Obviously those people have never used a Windows Phone device, because once you do it’s clear this a great product. That’s the problem Windows Phone faces. People hear the “Windows” name and assume it’s a sub-par product. But the Lumia 710 (and others) are starting to convert people.

MobileSyrup conducted a survey of retailers in Canada about the sales performance of Lumia devices. The results were very positive. One retailer said they were surprised by how quickly the 710 sold. They also said they sell a lot to the Corporate market because it’s free for most companies. We hope to hear the same things from AT&T stores once the Lumia 900 drops.

[via MobileSyrup]

  • I don’t know if they think its a sub-par product bc of the M$oft branding, I mean look at how well the Xbox360 has done. It certainly hasn’t hurt them there. What definitely did hurt them, though, was how they dragged their feet with Windows Mobile. When you finally launch a good, up-to-date product while competitors are in their 4th major iterations, the general opinion is gonna be you are behind the times and I think most consumers, unless really frustrated with their current device/os, will be defense about shifting (change ain’t easy).