Secure Enterprise Messaging Coming to Nokia Windows Phones

One of the main problems plaguing Windows Phone as a business solution is its lack of enterprise support for services like Microsoft Exchange. Good Technology aims to remedy that through their partnership with Nokia, which will see their “FIPS-certified 192 bit AES encryption and end-to-end mobile messaging” service brought to the Lumia phone line.

The service is set to debut in Q2 2012, which means the service is just around the corner. Since this is a partnership with Nokia and not available across all Windows Phones, it’s likely that the app once released will only be available in the Nokia Collection. Here’s the official press release:

“Employees will be able to access corporate email, contacts, and calendars through the Good for Enterprise application on their Nokia Windows Phone smartphones—just as they access Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes® on desktop computers at the office—using the intuitive user interface with panorama and pivot views with which they are already be familiar. IT managers will be able to protect corporate data with data encryption and easy-to-apply policies, such as requiring passwords and preventing ‘cut/copy/paste’ capabilities from the Good for Enterprise app. They will also be able to establish role-based policies using web-based management tools and perform remote wipe of enterprise information only, leaving music, photos, and other personal data present elsewhere on an employee’s mobile device intact in the event the mobile device is compromised, lost or stolen.”

[via WPCentral]


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