Some Microsoft Stores Trading Old Feature Phones for New Windows Phones?

We’ve seen some good deals before, but this takes the cake. Some people have reported that a Microsoft Store in Washington D.C. was trading people a new Windows Phone for their old feature phone. The only requirement was that the feature phone had basic web access, and in return they got a contract-free Windows Phone. Obviously this is an insanely good deal, and they ran out of phones quickly. So now they are giving out $10 gift cards to be used with a Windows Phone purchase, or you can wait two weeks until they get more phones in stock. We haven’t heard of any other Microsoft Store locations doing this, but if you’re in D.C. you might want to check this out.

[via Neowin]

  • Well, the TouchPad proved last summer that people will use your device if you basically give it away. So, they should see a decent bump in users with a plan like this. Gotta wonder what it’s costing them though.

  • Most people who bought the TouchPad wanted it for the hardware, though. The swiftly put CyanogenMod on it as soon as it was available.