Microsoft Shows Why Touchscreens in Windows 8 Will Be Better

If you’ve ever used Windows 7 on a touchscreen device you know that the experience is pretty awful. Microsoft is aware of that, and with Windows 8 they hope to fix those problems. Having used Windows 8 on a tablet I can already tell you it’s miles ahead of Windows 7, but how has Microsoft improved things?

Jerry Koh and Jeff Piira, product managers of Windows 8, talk about touch in their latest blog entry. They talked about how it’s important to make sure hardware manufacturers are aware of what Windows 8 needs. For example, Win8 relies a lot on edge gestures. In testing Microsoft showed that 15 devices had zero success rate when doing a right edge gesture. So you can see why Microsoft needs to make sure OEMs are on board.

Check out the video above for an in depth look at touchscreen interactions, and the dfference between optimized and un-optimized touchscreens for Windows 8.

[via The Verge]

  • Can’t wait to see an actual Win8 tablet this fall(ish). It may be the first time I jump on a new Microsoft OS before the first service pack is pushed.