OEMs Asking for More Customization in Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone, like it’s desktop counterpart, are closed OS’. This means if HTC decides to make a Windows Phone device they have no input in the OS other than adding their own apps. The same goes for anyone who makes a Windows PC. This means consumers only have to worry about specs. But for OEMs this means they have a harder time differentiating their device from the competition. That’s why every Android phone has its own custom skin. HTC doesn’t want you to go into a store looking for an Android phone, they want you looking for a Sense phone.

Digitimes is reporting that “handset makers in Taiwan” are asking Microsoft for more¬†flexibility¬†with the user interface of Windows Phone 8. They’re also saying that OEMs are blaming the poor sales on the lack of control they have over the OS, saying it makes it hard to market their devices.

Nokia is the only OEM with the option to change certain aspects of the OS, but they haven’t done anything so far. Despite that they are already the #1 Windows Phone handset maker. How have they done this? Their devices are unique. A HTC Windows Phone looks like a HTC Android phone, same goes for Samsung. You want people to buy your device? Concentrate on making some really nice hardware, and let Microsoft worry about the software.

[via Digitimes]

  • I really hope they don’t let them tinker with shit. All of the changes people make to Android are awful and just further delay the updates Google sends out. Microsoft doesn’t need to do that with it’s OS.

    …but I’m afraid that they’ll allow it to happen for more OEMs in hopes of more marketshare/users.

  • While a little change might be OK (different color themes or whatever, not sure what WP7 has at this point), I hope they keep the basic UI the same. As an android user, I’m stuck having to flash custom ROMs to get rid of Sense (others I know do the same for Touchwiz), and I haven’t been as impressed with the Galaxy Nexus as I want to be (the hardware is nowhere near top-of-the-line). I’m still on my EVO 4G (2 years old) hoping the rumors of a number of Nexus phones this fall are true, since I want the stock Android, not some other hooey.

    If I wasn’t already so invested in the Googleverse, I’d seriously consider jumping over to WP8 when that happened (obviously, getting you stuck in their system is what Apple/Google/MS have been shooting for for years). I love the things MS is doing with Win8, the new Home Server, XBox, WP7, and now Surface. I think about jumping ship now, frankly!