Elop Discusses iOS and Android Competition During Nokia Launch in China

Yesterday marked the first Lumia handset launch in China, where Stephen Elop was on hand to celebrate and give a bit of insight into how the company feels about iOS and Android as competitors. He also discussed the inception and launch of the Lumia line of handsets and where Nokia hopes to go in the future.

Then we released the first line of products and promoted them in each market. Now we are trying to find out how consumers feel about them and are improving the products all the way. After this phase, more and more of our products will be introduced to the market, each with new features and functions.

Elop goes on to elaborate about the current competition in the market, stating that Nokia understands how fierce mobile competition can be, but that the company has a firm understanding of what people want and how to deliver it in both the high-end and the low-end markets.

I’m glad and encouraged to hear users making positive comments on our products. They generally think Nokia products practical and useful. In such a competitive market where iOS and Android ecosystems are dominant, we are going to redouble our efforts to battle with them. We call for constant innovation, which is the key to Nokia’s success and enables us to solve the problems facing Nokia users.

If you’d like to read more of Elop’s thoughts on the direction of Nokia and the importance of the Chinese market to the company, the rest of the ZDNET interview is available here.



  • They have a huge battle in front of them, but I don’t doubt for a second that they can gain some ground and definitely take a dominant third spot. They have no real competition for that… as for making some awesome innovations, I don’t doubt it for a second. Innovation almost always works its way up from the underdog/new-comer position.