Microsoft Resolving Smoked by Windows Phone Complaints

Over the past few weeks since Microsoft has rolled out the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to its store across the nation, there have been numerous reports of people beating the challenge, only to be denied the $1,000 prize computer that Microsoft offered.

It seems as though the company realizes that this is really bad publicity and has finally started to fix these mistakes by offering those wronged their prizes. In particular, Ravi Udeshi and Conor Caplice were two people who complained on their blogs that Microsoft Store employees had denied them their win. Since then, Ben the PC Guy has contacted both and gotten them their new Hunger Games laptops.

The only case that we haven’t heard a resolution to is the Vivek Viswanathan case, where Viswanathan won the challenge twice before being asked to win it again. Viswanathan has threatened legal action against the company, which may be why he’s being silent.

[via Neowin]



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