“Chrync” Brings Chrome Sync to Windows Phone

If Microsoft had its way everyone who uses Windows Phone would use Internet Explorer too. The reality is most of us probably don’t use IE. If Chrome is your browser of choice you may be familiar with an awesome feature called “Chrome Sync” that allows you to sync across multiple devices. Chrync is an app that brings that functionality to Windows Phone.

Unlike most “sync” apps Chrync doesn’t require you to download anything on the PC side. With Chrync you just sign into the app with the same information that you used to sign into Chrome. Once signed in you’ll have access to bookmarks, browser tabs, and recent web pages. Chrync is available for $.99 and free trial. If you use Chrome you’ll love this app!


[via Zunited]

  • Damian Mehers

    Hi Joe – thanks for spreading the word! FYI I’ve dropped the price to $0.99


  • Joe

    Thanks for the update!

  • That is amazing. Everyone throw their money at them asap!