Nokia Says the Competition is in Beta With Latest Ad Campaign

Nokia is hunkering down for a fierce advertising campaign for the Lumia 900 and it’s reemergence in the U.S. market. This weekend you might have noticed some strange “smartphone beta” commercials that sported a Nokia logo. The commercial stars Chris Parnell sitting in room filled with computer screens. He turns to the camera and asks something along the lines of “have you ever had the feeling your phone was a part of some secret product test?” This is of course a shot at the iPhone and Android phones that launch with defects like “death grip” and fragile bodies.

Over at they’ve got even more goodies. There is a countdown clock for the launch of the Lumia 900. Chris Parnell is there again too, waiting impatiently for the clock to wind down. But below all that is the real good stuff. They’ve got fake hidden camera footage of smartphone testers discussing defects in a phone. These defects include “death grip,” fragility, and sun washout. One man in the meetings keeps suggesting that these defects need to be fixed, but the other two nonchalantly disagree. For example, in the sun washout video the lady says “people don’t go outside anymore.”

This is a great campaign for Nokia and Windows Phone. A lot of smartphones, especially Android, really do feel like unfinished products. They lack the polish of Windows Phone. Hopefully this marketing strategy pays off for Nokia. Hit the link below for all the goodies.

[via Smartphone Beta Test]

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