Temple Run Coming to Windows Phone?

Temple Run is a super popular game that started on iOS, and just last week landed on Android as well. As most addictive and successful games are, Temple Run is a simple game with a simple premise. Your character just stole from a temple, and is being chased by some terrifying creatures. Temple Run is also like most successful games by not being available for Windows Phone. That may change in the future.

This quote is from the developer:

We’re also working on bringing Temple Run to every possible device. I think we’ve gotten emails from owners of every possible device wanting Temple Run. Android is first, then we’ll start tackling everything else.

Every device possible, eh? Windows Phone is on devices! It sounds like after they get the Android version more stable they will be looking to other platforms. We’ve seen developers for games like DrawSomething wait and see if there is enough demand, and we’ve seen Rovio flip-flop after fan outrage for lack of Windows Phone support. Hopefully more developers are taking notice of Windows Phone.

[via GottaBeMobile]

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