First Screenshots of Firefox Metro Revealed… Looks like Firefox Mobile

To the untrained eye, the above screenshot may look like Firefox Mobile on an Android tablet, but it’s in fact Firefox as designed for Windows 8 and to MetroUI specifications, at least for now. Mozilla is taking their commitment to designing a browser that conforms to the MetroUI specifications seriously, as Microsoft has stated that only browsers that support MetroUI may be set to default in the upcoming Windows 8 ecosystem.

According to Mozilla’s own Brian Bondy, there’s significant reason for making sure the user experience in both the MetroUI and desktop environments is top notch:

Even if a user spends most of their time in the Desktop interface, having a really good Metro browser may be enough for the user to change their default browser. A browser with great Metro support can gain significant browser market share for this reason. It is extremely important that we deliver an awesome Firefox experience on Metro, one that is tightly integrated with the platform, fast, and feature rich. Windows is by far the platform with the most users and which has the biggest effect on market share.

I don’t know about you, but I expected something a little less… Androidy. I suppose we’ll have to keep our eyes on this development to see how the browser progresses over the course of the year before release.


  • I think it’s pretty sweet looking but definitely more “mobile” than desktopish. But I guess that’s the point of metro… blur those boundaries and whatnot. I expected something more Metro too though. It’s dripping of an Android port as is.