Rogers Lumia 900 Massively Expensive Even on Contract

It’s unusual that we hear AT&T doing something great for their customers, but it looks like the prices for both the on contract and off contract Lumia 900 pale in comparison to what Rogers is offering our neighbors in the north.

Rogers Canada still offers the $99 contract price, but that’s if you’re willing to sign a three year agreement. The two year agreement price is $424.99, followed respectively by $479.99 for a one year and a whopping $524.99 completely off contract.

The exchange rate between Canadian Dollars and American Dollars is pretty much even at the moment, so there’s absolutely no reason for Rogers to price gouge this much.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • joey

    do you need a calculator? isn’t even a big price difference. also did you ever look at cell phone prices for any other phone? lol

  • $75 is quite a difference for the same phone on nearly the same service, just in a different country.