Windows 8 Metro UI Spilling Into the Desktop Environment?

If you take a look at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview there are two drastically different environments. You have the very modern Metro UI and the desktop environment that has remained mostly unchanged from Windows 7. Switching between the two environments can be a little jarring. Leaked screenshots from a release candidate of Windows 8 shows Microsoft may be trying to smooth the transition.

The screenshot above is from the current Consumer Preview of Windows 8; the screenshot below is from a leaked RC build. The tabs in Explorer are flatter in the RC build. That might not seem like much, but the flat design is very Metro. This could be a sign that Microsoft is working to bring more of the Metro elements to the desktop. We certainly hope they do, because the Metro UI is gorgeous.

[via Neowin]

  • I say to go as Metro as possible with the desktop environment while maintaining its integrity as what it is. I love the design and interface of metro and Microsoft needs to just make people take the plunge into it instead of letting folks drag their feet.