Android Fan Boys Create Windows Phone ROM

Since many Lumia 900 reviews are hitting the web yesterday and today, we’ve seen a lot of reviewers talk about how the Windows Phone software is stale and that we need to stop giving Windows Phone “a pass” for all its flaws. It’s interesting to me then, that a group of dedicated Android users have created a ROM to make their Android experience look more like Windows Phone.

The ROM is based on WARP and features a custom launcher designed to look like the live tiles available on Windows Phone. It’s a neat project for any of you who want to make the switch and can’t yet, so if you want to check out more screenshots or see development of the ROM, here’s the thread on the Android Forums.

  • May have to check this out! Thanks for the link.

  • I am actually making the switch from android to WP when my lumia 900 arrives tomorrow, excited to give it a shot. Got tired of doing a million steps in iOS and android to do something simple and WP seems to be more streamlined. Gonna give it a month and see

  • Lprd2007

    Woah, looks terrible. The kind you’d expect from Android users…