Lumia 900 Torn Down and Compared to Galaxy Nexus and iPhone [Video]

The folks over at TechRepublic have bravely attempted to tear down a Nokia Lumia 900. With that seamless poly-carbonate body it seems like a tricky thing to do, but Nokia has actually made it easy if you know what you’re doing. Before you watch the tear down video make sure there are no small children in the room, and make sure your current smartphone can’t see the video. Seeing a beautiful phone like the Lumia 900 get torn apart is not a pretty sight.

Check out the video for a full step-by-step on tearing the phone apart, and also a nice comparison to the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S.

[via TechRepublic]

  • Its so strangely fulfilling to see a device torn apart like that.

  • Max

    I am a little concerned about the future of the Lumia 900 since the hardware specs seem to be outdated. My concern is that it will not be upgradable to the next version of the Windows Phone OS whenever it comes out.
    And if it will get Windows Phone 8, it will be at a serious disadvantage compared to top-of-the-line Windows Phones a year from now.