Is this Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Handset?

The Lumia 900 is still a few days from being officially available, but that doesn’t mean we’re not excited for what’s next. The image above is┬ábelieved┬áto be a non-final poster template of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 device.

What can we gather from this image? The device bares a striking resemblance to Nokia’s design patent seen above. In fact it looks identical. At first glance you would think this makes the poster seem more legit, but actually the patent design just makes it easier for someone to mock-up the phone.

We hope it’s real, because besides the neon colors this looks like a super sexy and sleek device. Is it enough to pull your eyes from the Lumia 900?

[via PhoneArena]

  • Yeah that “…besides the neon colors…” bit is my thought exactly. I appreciate them bringing some neat colors into the scene with the Lumia series, but these are just too toy-ish in appearance.