Windows Phone Marketplace Continuing to See Delays in Certification Process

In the last month the Windows Phone Marketplace has grown by over 10,000 apps. This high submission rate is causing some back-ups and delays for developers submitting apps. It used to take around 72 hours for an app to gt submitted, approved, and the published. But now it’s taking close to 7 days.

In this months Developer Newsletter Microsoft has confirmed the delays in the Marketplace. They mention that the process is continuing to take longer than normal, and they recommend devs to submit apps as early as possible. It’s delays like this that make it difficult for developers to launch apps when they want.

It’s an interesting problem to have. We love that so many apps are being submitted, but we don’t like to see developers having to wait a week for their apps to publish.

[via WPCentral]

  • That seems like a while to wait… but Microsoft is kinda known for long certification waits on the Xbox too.