Microsoft Talks App Compatibility & the Death of Silverlight

One of the biggest questions many people have about the upcoming release of Windows 8 for mobile devices is whether or not the apps they’ve purchased on their WP7 devices will still be functional. Microsoft has finally put these rumors to rest with a resounding yes, your apps will still be compatible. Larry Lieberman wrote today on the Windows Phone development blog:

“With regard to existing applications: today’s Windows Phone applications and games will run on the next major version of Windows Phone. Driving application compatibility is a function of Microsoft’s commitment to its developers. Regardless of what we release in terms of new developer features and functionality, we have made a large investment in protecting your existing investments.”

I’ve  mentioned in the past that Silverlight’s use seems to be fading, as the only major application I can think outside of app development is as as form of DRM for Netflix, which is why the service isn’t available on Linux yet. It seems as if Silverlight will be going the way of the dodo very quickly come Apollo and further, according to the same development blog:

“We’ve also heard some developers express concern about the long term future of Silverlight for Windows Phone. Please don’t panic; XAML and C#/VB.NET development in Windows 8 can be viewed as a direct evolution from today’s Silverlight. All of your managed programming skills are transferrable to building applications for Windows 8, and in many cases, much of your code will be transferrable as well.”

I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad news for all you Windows Phone developers, but there you have it. Apps will be compatible, Silverlight is breathing its last breath.

[via Windows Developer Blog; image source PocketHacks]

  • How about they bring Tango already?

  • It’s about time. I think Microsoft and Netflix are the only groups that ever touched it.