How Well is AT&T Promoting the Lumia 900?

It’s been no secret that the Lumia 900 is supposed to spearhead both Nokia and Microsoft’s triumphant return from mobile obscurity here in the United States. The two companies partnered with AT&T to distribute the devices, but just how well is the company doing? We’ve heard about training employees and providing them incentives to use and sell the devices, but what about stores themselves?

These shots were taken by a WPCentral tipster in a local AT&T store that show that the company is indeed going all out in promoting the devices. There are phones set up on display for customers to play and interact with and large banners that draw attention to the fact that Windows Phone is indeed different.

Of course the real selling point for most people is going to be how knowledgeable sales staff is when it comes to promoting the phones and that’s not something we can show you in a photograph. Still, these display looks pretty darn nice and eye-catching.

  • Those are definitely some big ads for it. Wonder if my local stores have anything up for it.