Lumia 900 Tops Amazon’s Sales Charts

The Lumia 900 launched yesterday in the US, despite it being a holiday with most AT&T stores closed, resulting in customers who wanted the device day one having to wait. Those who didn’t mind waiting for delivery clearly bought from Amazon, since the phone topped their charts yesterday. When grilled about why AT&T stores were not set up for the launch, Nokia PR had this to say:

AT&T resets their stores on Sundays. Spring promotion begins tomorrow. And that’s why Lumia 900 hit today.

So if you wanted to get your Lumia 900 yesterday and couldn’t, you’ll definitely have better luck today. Head to your local AT&T store and snag it, because they’re definitely going quickly.


  • I may have to swing by my local store to check it out in person. See what all the hype is aboot.