MLB At Bat Windows Phone Users Pay More for Less

Last week the MLB at Bat app for Windows Phone finally arrived in the Marketplace. Many baseball fans were waiting for this app, but it’s arrival has been bittersweet. The problem is the Windows Phone app costs more than its Android and iOS counterparts, but you get less functionality.

  1. Premium Members of MLB At Bat get the Android and iOS app for free. The Windows Phone app costs $15 for Premium Members.
  2. The Android and iOS apps include live video of any game if you are a Premium Member or purchase the app. The Windows Phone app has no live video, for Premium Members or otherwise.

So if you are a Premium Member of MLB At Bat and own a Windows Phone you are getting ripped off. MLB says that the free At Bat apps are only available for “video devices” such as Android and iOS. This is totally unfair treatment. Apps like Plex prove that Windows Phone can do live streaming. A user on Reddit that brought this to our attention also said that the MLB rep first thought Windows Phone was some sort of Android device. The whole situation just shows that people are not aware of what Windows Phone is, and can do. This rests solely on Microsoft’s shoulders.

[via Reddit]

  • That sucks. I’m guessing it’s just that they did a halfassed job porting it to the WP devices, cutting corners and whatnot, bc of deadlines and a low install base. Hopefully it gets updated soon with those features.