5 Apps For the New Windows Phone User

Over the weekend the Lumia 900 and Titan II launched on AT&T. Both have a lot to offer to Windows Phone users and people coming from other platforms. Just in our forums we’ve seen some people who are coming from Android and iOS jump on the Windows Phone train. A question many of these new users are probably asking is “what apps should I try?” Here are 5 apps that I personally enjoy and use every day. They all embody the Metro UI of Windows Phone which shows off how elegant the OS can be. Give them a try.

Baconit (Free)

We’ve sung the praises of Baconit quite a few times here, and for good reason. It is hands down the best Reddit app for Windows Phone. With it’s great Metro interface, many pinnable things, image viewer, and even live tile customizations this is truly a feature packed app. And if you don’t take my word for it the app won the Peoples Choice Award at Microsoft’s Big App on Campus contest.

Chrync ($0.99, Free)

If you’re coming from an Android phone you’ll love Chrync. It does one thing, but one thing very well. Log in with the same account you log in to Chrome with and it will sync all your bookmarks. Bookmarks bar, other bookmarks, recent pages, and even what’s open on other devices.

PrimeTube (Free)

You’re probably finding out that there is no official YouTube app for Windows Phone. The good news is there are alternatives that are amazing. The one I choose to use is PrimeTube. It has a great Metro interface, the ability to comment, thumb up/down. pin videos, sign in to your account, and much more. This is the app for the power YouTuber.

Radio Controlled (Free)

Like YouTube, there is no official Pandora client for Windows Phone. The great developers have filled in the gap with a few good alternatives, my favorite is Radio Controlled. We’ve been following Radio Controlled ever since it was just a beta, and the app has grown immensely since then. With the app you can thumb up/down tracks, add stations, change stations, see your history, pin stations, and a lot more.

WeatherLive ($1.49, Free)

If you’re coming from Android you probably miss your weather widgets. Lucky for you live tiles are perfect for displaying the weather. The app I like is WeatherLive. The main reason I chose this app over the plethora of others is that the live tile can display the temperature for my GPS location, not just a predefined location. The app itself is very minimalist, but packs a lot of information.

  • They really need to get more first party support in terms of apps.

  • Joe

    Honestly that doesn’t matter much to me. In my experience 3rd party developers are usually better.

  • True enough, and I have a lot as well, but it definitely helps in terms of public perception and how perspective buyers view your app ecosystem. Maybe THAT is what they need to focus on instead.