How much is AT&T spending on Lumia 900 advertising?

AT&T claims that the Lumia 900 is their “biggest launch ever” for a new phone. And with Nokia calling their emergence in the U.S. “Operation Rolling Thunder” we would expect no less then the biggest and the best. But the reports on just how much AT&T is spending on the Lumia 900 campaign are conflicting.

Yesterday Ad Age reported that AT&T will spend over $150 million on the Lumia 900 ad campaign. On a scale from 1 to iPhone 4 this puts the Lumia 900 off the charts. The reason AT&T is betting so much on the Lumia is directly related to the iPhone. AT&T used to have exclusivity to the iPhone and it worked wonders for them. Now Verizon and Sprint have the iPhone, but no worthwhile Windows Phone devices. They hope to do the same thing with the Lumia that they did with the iPhone.

Today sources have told The Verge that AT&T’s actual budget for the Lumia 900 campaign is much lower than $150 million. The budget is more in line with what they would do for any other phone launch. This is disappointing if true, because we were hoping AT&T could really drive the success of this phone. Now it will be up to Nokia to advertise the phone because it doesn’t look like Microsoft is much help.

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  • Sad to hear that, if true, but I think we all know there is a huge difference between an Apple user and a Windows user. The iPhone was pushed forward by a kind of rabid fan Microsoft can’t come close to. So it is a much riskier investment for ATT.