How-To Fix the Lumia 900 Data Connection Problem [Video]

Hey guys, yesterday we saw numerous reports of people unable to connect to AT&T’s data network with their Lumia 900s. We’ve discovered the root of the problem and have put together a short video to show you how to fix it, since the fixes AT&T are giving customers are not really the correct way to solve the problem.┬áCheck it out and let us know if the solution worked for you or if your Lumia 900 is still unable to connect.

  • Makarnikool

    omg you went on Google on a Windows phone! and not Bing! eeek, thank you!

  • I’m a Google lover at heart, what can I say. :)

  • blackhawk556

    Ashley, reboot your phone several times and tell us if the data keeps working. Mine worked but after a reboot, data is dead again.

  • blackhawk556

    This doesn’t fix the issue. Please change the title. Try rebooting your phone and see if it’s a permanent solution. Also, disconnect your phone from wifi, the video clearly shows the phone is connected to wifi.

  • John

    My Lumia 900 doesn’t have any settings for APN and it connects to data just fine.

  • Michael S

    As others have pointed out, this doesn’t permanently fix the problem, not for me at least. I tried it, and it went out again.

    I’m bringing my phone back to AT&T tonight. No way I’m going to sit and do workarounds every few days on a brand new phone I’ve had less than 24 hours.

  • Sucks to hear of a problem like this marring the flagship release. Gotta wonder how it will impact public opinion of the OS and its devices.

  • Very nice video guys! For those who have the device, is it working?

  • Steve

    Too bad in the video it shows that WIFI is connected so we don’t know for sure if the fix worked.

  • Okay i got a fix for this problem. The data connectivity issue has happened to me twice already. To get it working do the following:

    1. While the phone is still on, with no data, disable wi-fi, and eject the sim.
    2. Power the phone off.
    3. Power the phone back on (with sim still out)
    4. Wait for the phone to load.
    5. Insert the sim
    6. Power down the phone
    7. Power it back on again.