Nokia Lumia 900 Nutritional Facts and Ingredient List

iSuppli has torn down the Nokia Lumia 900 and revealed what ingredients went into making this delicious device. The total shopping bill for one Lumia 900 is $209, more than double the price they are charging at AT&T. The ingredient list shows that Nokia has used cheaper parts in some areas to get the price of the phone down. The low power needed by Windows Phone also helped Nokia cut down on costs.  Full list of ingredients and prices below.

  1. Memory: $27
  2. Samsung AMOLED display with ClearBlack: $58
  3. Qualcomm Single-core 1.4GHz Processor: $17
  4. Cameras: $18
  5. Wireless Technology: $38
  6. Sensors: $14
  7. Qualcomm Power Management: $9
  8. 1830 mAh Battery: $4.50
  9. Mechanical: $18
  10. Box Extras: $5.50
Total: $209

[via AllThingsD]


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